EntroFi Announced Partnership with dForce to Power Real-world Finance

Following Uprets, Hashingbot and Ninghua Supply Chain Management, we are delighted to announce our first inter-protocol collaboration with dForce, an integrated and interoperable DeFi protocol matrix covering lending (global liquidity pool, yield markets), assets (stablecoin, synthetic asset, etc.), and trading (liquidity aggregator, AMM).

In the auspice of this new partnership, EntroFi will gain access to the USX’s credit line from dForce, and therefore significantly enhances our capabilities to meet various liquidity demands generated by all the recent collaboration with asset originators as well as more SMEs and financial institutions in near future.

Such inter-protocol partnership also allows dForce to use EntroFi as a portal to connect with borrowers in various forms and facilitate easy execution for RWA deals.

DeFi has enjoyed its most robust growth since last summer, with global TVL soared from 13.69 billion USD in November 2020 up to an estimate of 82 billion USD by the end of September this year; however, such tremendous achievement is still dwarfed by size of traditional real-world assets (real estate, stock, gold, bond etc), which is measured in hundreds of trillion USD. Therefore, we believe the key to break the bottleneck of DeFi growth is to extend its offering beyond cryptocurrency and into the broader scope of RWA (real-world assets).

Major DeFi platforms such as MakerDAO are already onboarding RWA originators into their ecosystem, and it is evident that more RWAs will soon be originated onto blockchains through tokenization, enabling SMEs and individuals who have been neglected by traditional financial intermediaries to access capitals with more transparency as well as efficiency, while allowing DeFi users to generate solid returns un-correlated to crypto volatility.

This partnership with dForce marks the first attempt by EntroFi to secure liquidities from a major DeFi platform. As more real-world institutions and corporates seek to incorporate DeFi into their financing strategies, EntroFi will continuously work with other institutional partners to connect RWA loans and borrowers globally.

About dForce

dForce is an integrated and interoperable DeFi protocol matrix, featuring pool-based lending (global liquidity pool), native stablecoin (USX and EUX) and synthetic assets (like xTSLA, xAAPL, xAMZN etc), and trading (aggregator and AMM). By October 2021, dForce is among the top 5 protocol operates on Arbitrum in term of TVL.

dForce is backed by several world-class investors including CMBI (China Merchant Bank International), Multicoin Capital, and Huobi Capital. It is the world’s first open finance project powered by a leading commercial bank.

About EntroFi

EntroFi is an innovative DeFi lending platform designed to significantly improve the efficiency of financial infrastructure by bridging DeFi capitals directly with loan borrowers who use real world assets or native NFTs as collaterals. In specific, it is a two-way portal that pools and channels DeFi liquidity to SMEs and individuals who have been neglected or marginalized by traditional financial intermediaries, while on the other hand, brings a variety of real-world collateral assets (account receivables, real estates, pledges of equity, manufacturing & logistic equipment) as well as existing native NFTs (Metaverse properties, artifacts etc.) to DeFi protocols by converting them into a new type of financial NFTs.

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