EntroFi Partners with Ninghua Supply Chain Management

EntroFi is announcing a strategic partnership with Ninghua Supply Chain Management, a logistic management company that provides integrated solutions for food production companies, restaurants, food & agriculture retailers as well as e-commerce. Under the agreement, Ninghua will come aboard EntroFi as a new asset originator, whereas EntoFi will provide liquidity to support Ninghua’s customized financing options for its clients.

Such liquidity will come directly from EntroFi’s liquidity layer, which is funded by major DeFi platforms such as Maker, AAVE, and dForce or its own liquidity pool.

Demand for supply chain management in China has skyrocketed over the past five years mainly due to rapid growing business opportunities within the food industry. According to latest survey, food & agriculture retailers and ecommerce in China has reached a market size of 4.5 trillion RMB in 2019, while there are more than 40000 food production companies in China with an annual market size of 1 billion RMB. However, most of these companies are running on tight cash flows, and therefore financing options provided by supply chain managers such as Ninghua are essential to their businesses. Via EntroFi, these companies can now access DeFi liquidities in timely efficient manner by using their account receivables as collateral, while EntroFi might unlocks another profitable destination for DeFi liquidity deployment.

This strategic partnership is already the third ongoing attempt by EntroFi, which was launched merely less than a month ago, to bridge DeFi capitals with real world financing. In late September, EntroFi and digital real estate investment platform UPRETS formed partnership to integrate its tokenized real estate properties onto the asset layer of EntroFi; in early October, EntroFi reaches partnership with Hashingbot, a leading investment management platform in crypto currencies, to provide trading liquidities.

About Ninghua
Ninghua Supply Chain Management is a leading logistic management company that provides integrated solutions for food production companies, restaurants, food & agriculture retailers as well as e-commerce platforms across China. Its primary businesses include storage service, financing solution, trade advisories and data management. Ninghua was founded in 2019 by Xinning Logistics and Vailog Real Estate Investments.

About EntroFi
EntroFi aims to revolutionize the efficiency of financing system by bridging DeFi capitals directly to loan borrowers who use real world assets or native NFTs as collaterals, while on the other end tokenizes those collaterals and bring them onboard DeFi. It operates on three separate layers: protocol layer, liquidity layer, and asset layer. EntroFi envisions a next gen financial ecosystem where capitals transfer freely between on-chain and off-chain with maximum efficiency and minimum hustle.

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