EntroFi to introduce USX financing facility in conjunction with dForce


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new USX financing facility as our most recent joint effort with dForce to extend DeFi application into real world. This protocol mainly serves the purpose of providing liquidity to crypto trading firms, with dForce’s representative entity or appointed entity acting as fund custodian.

Our close partnership with dForce began in last October. Since then, we have worked closely to seek for Real World Asset (RWA) related deal opportunities, and this latest USX financing protocol offers a very promising start. It will channel liquidity directly toward crypto trading desks and firms that are on our whitelist, in which they must have stringent risk management as well as proven trading records, and such fundings are mainly for trading strategies that feature stable return (i.e., base trade or arbitrage) with low daily drawdown.

Below are the proposed terms enlisted at dForce community

Proposal for the Deployment of RWA Vault on EntroFi - dForce

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