EntroFi - DeFi Protocol for Real World Financing and NFTs

Today, EntroFi launches with a mission to bridge real-world assets to #DeFi. Bringing real-world assets on-chain will hugely scale DeFi as we know it, and DeFi-driven liquidity could unlock trillions of real-world financing. EntroFi is unique as it is similar to borrowing in trad-Fi, and is structured for smooth end-to-end execution for new trad-Fi users tapping into DeFi.

Our NFT-based DeFi lending platform will significantly improve the efficiency of existing financial infrastructure by connecting DeFi capitals directly to loan borrowers. Our protocol channels DeFi liquidity directly to SMEs and individuals, and brings real-world collateral assets, such as real estate and account receivables, as well as native NFTs, to DeFi by converting them into a new type of financial NFTs.

EntroFi utilizes the concept of NFT to accomplish two primary

  1. Enables real world assets to access DeFi liquidity by connecting to DeFi protocol via NFT infrastructures.
  2. Incorporates existing native NFTs with financial attributes via collateralization, improving their overall liquidity.

This is done through three separate layers in the EntroFi network:

  1. Protocol layer, which is comprised of external DeFi, CeFi, or NFT protocols, such as MakerDAO, dForce, Yearn, Aave, Opensea
  2. Liquidity layer, categorized into senior or junior capital based on risk/reward profiles
  3. Asset layer of off-chain and on-chain assets, such as real-world assets backed NFTs (such as REITs, secured loans, tokenized bonds, Uniswap LP tokens, and OpenSea NFTs)

As users, you can participate in 1 of 4 ways: Liquidity contributor (provides capital to fund loan transactions across EntroFi), Originator (structures the transactions), Borrowers, and Risk Mitigators (ERF token stakers whose staked tokens will be used for risk mitigations in return for extra returns). You can read more, including use cases, here https://docs.entrofi.io/